Kim Kardashian Clones Threaten Nation

Unconfirmed sources report that thousand of clones of super hottie Kim Kardashian are poised to invade the US. The first Kim clone was discovered in an Old Navy commercial last fall, but apparently she was only the first of tens of thousands. Our sources indicate that a secret cloning facility has been producing the super hot doppelgangers for months.

“This is a very serious development” says cloning expert Franz Scheckle. “Thousands of super hot women roaming the streets could do untold amounts of damage. The economic losses due to lost productivity on constructions sites alone could amount to the billions of dollars. The cloning of super hot women should be highly regulated if not banned until further study can be made of the effects of that much hotness.”

It is unclear where the rumored cloners got the genetic material for the Kim clones but lawyers for the Kardashian clan are preparing legal action against Old Navy in an attempt to discover the origin of the Kim clone.