Kim Kardashian Granted Patent for "Super Hotness"

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that The US Patent Office has granted Kim Kardashian patent # 867,530,986,753,098 for “The use of Super Hotness in TV, Print, and electronic communications media, where commercial and non-profit advertising takes place.” The patent was filed for in early 2010.

“This is a landmark patent,” says patent expert Wilily K. Yotee. “This will really set a new standard for the types of intellectual property that can be protected by a patent. The granting of this ‘process patent’ for the use of Super Hotness in advertising will allow the Kardashians to demand a fee from every company or organization that uses “Super Hotness” in its advertising.

As the inventor of the use of Super Hotness in advertising Kim Kardashian had already filed suit against clothing seller Old Navy for using Super Hotness in an ad campaign called “Super C-U-T-E” . The campaign which features an extraordinary amount of Super Hotness seems now to be in violation of Ms Kardashian patent.

Our sources also indicate that Miss Kardashian has also filed for patents pertaining to the use of “gorgeous almond shapes eyes”, “perfect olive skin”, and “beautiful flowing black hair.”