"Knocked Up" a Summer Hit at White House and in DC


Washington, DC (O! Online) – For power loving Republican Party animal Henry Hager, the wildest dream of his presidentially connected girlfriend of many years showing up on his doorstep pregnant has finally come true. The up and coming international educator, author, and presidential daughter Jenna Bush suddenly has to stop her partying ways and plan for a Rose Garden wedding in three months. Hilarity ensues as Jenna’s father attempts to use the wedding to resuscitate his dying presidency and Henry comes under pressure from his former mentor, Karl to sacrifice his own career to abort ongoing ethics investigations. Both families finally come together over issues around abstinence only birth control, and the president finally gets the son that he’s always wanted.

Originally released this summer, “Knocked Up” has been rewritten and updated for a re-release worldwide sometime before the holiday season. It has been rated PG after the removal of nudity, strong sexual content, and alcohol and drug use.