Kurt Vonnegut dead : Howard Stern hospitalized : Don Imus alive and well : God admits cruel sense…

Kurt Vonnegut : Trending Up
First class funny man heading for heaven.
We could use some Ice 9 about now.

Don Imus : Trending Down
Worlds second most famous idiot.
Howard stern, hospitalized after laughing his ass off.

Anna Nicole Smith : Trending Dead
We love you…..only Jesus had a bigger comeback.
Now rest in peace already!

George W. Bush : Trending Down
Americans still don’t like the war in Iraq.
Better luck next week.

John McCain : Trending Down
Time to rethink this whole Iraq thing?
Maybe try not campaigning,
see what that does for your pole numbers.

Alberto Gonzales : Trending Down
We lost 5 millions e-mails and the dog ate my homework.
Some one….. Please make it stop!

Paul Wolfowitz : Trending Down
Neo-conservative? Try Neo-Idiot.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid : Trending Up
The President doesn’t negotiate with terrorists
or Democrats. What about the voters.