NEW YORK, –The 5 Boroughs Ice Cream Company’s best-selling flavor is called Staten Island Landfill, much to the ire of borough officials who say it is insulting to Staten Island where the landfill closed in 2001.
Borough President James Molinaro has called for a boycott of the Queens company.

The company sells about 700 pints of “Landfill” a week.It’s a concoction of vanilla ice cream, cherries, chocolate crunchies, brownie chunks and fudge ripple.

Several years ago, the Baskin Robins Ice Cream Company had a contest, giving a year’s supply of ice cream for new catchy and unusual names.

I entered the contest, and was anticipating becoming a winner with my two suggestions: Liver and Onions Ice Cream and Sauerkraut Ice Cream, but heard nothing further. Winner probably was something like, well,.. Johnson’s Baby Powder flavor.

I have vague memories when, not too long ago, one had a choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.