Large Hadron Collider buys Black Hole Insurance Policy: Says Lloyds Of London

(London : England) Ucs news International– Lloyds Of London, insurer of the un-insurable, has issued what it calls the “largest policy in the firms history”. The first of it’s kind “Global Destruction with Black Hole indemnity” policy was issued to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. While the details of the policy are unknown, it will cover the first three years operation of the new Large Hadron Collider located under Geneva, Switzerland

According to Lloyds Of London, the firm has been working with the The LHC Safety Assessment Group. The organizations have been trying for months to prove safety of the Large Hadron Collider without success. CERN scientists and the London members finally agreed to in the words of Chief Scientific Officer, Engelen “cross or fingers and stitch it on”.

However Critic such as Professor Dr. Otto E. R