Larry Flynt, Hustler to Feature Cover and Center Spread on David Vitter

Washington, DC (APE) – Hustler publisher Larry Flynt today announced that his magazine would be going forward with further allegations and evidence against recently disgraced Republican Senator David Vitter which accuse him of a long-standing diaper fetish and a recent affair with astronaut Lisa Nowak. The tell-all, show-all piece will also feature testimony from the former shuttle astronaut, in which she claims a recent two-year affair with the senator in which they shared their mutual passion for disposable undergarments.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg… to say that the senator has lived a pampered life would be an understatement” stated the paraplegic pornography publisher, at a recent press conference at Hustler’s home office. “The phone records of Ms. Palfrey, The DC Madame, have been a real gold mine. After some relatively easy footwork, we’re ready to expose some of the more quirkier sides of Congress and the industry that supports them.”

Independent sources have come forward recently to question the sincerity of Senator Vitter’s recent public apology for past sexual indiscretions, citing claims that he has had a number of relations with prostitutes, and may indeed have fathered a child with one Wendy Cortez. Flynt has apparently scooped everyone with the revelation of the relationship with former astronaut Lisa Nowak.

“I was devastated after David broke off our relationship,” Nowak was quoted as saying from the upcoming article. “We shared a lot of Luvs, and that’s a hard thing to just walk away from. This may have had a lot to do with why I felt compelled to undertake that cross-country trip.”

The Washington offices for Senator Vitter were contacted, and a spokesperson for the senator would neither confirm nor deny details of the story set to be published. “The senator has already issued an apology for his past indiscretions with prostitutes,” stated the spokesperson. “In this case, if these allegations were true, a consensual affair could hardly be equated as a relationship with a prostitute, now could it?”