Las Vegas Gives 3 to 2 Odds America Will Go to War With Iran

Unconfirmed sources report that ‘guys in the know’ in Vegas have increased the odds that America will be going to war with Iran within 6 months to 3 to 2. The odds on going to war with Iran had been holding steady for several months at 10 to 1 against until recent developments caused a reassessment of the situation.

“Why did we changes the odds? You gotta’ be kidding me.” Says Bob “The Wrench” Fantone, when asked why the change. “We are not a charity here. We looked at the situation, I got some very good guys on this one, and we realized our exposure was too great. You don’t have to be the Secretary of state to see what is going on here.”

“Lets see…we got a second carrier group going to the gulf. To do what? Beat up the Iraq insurgent’s air force? I think not.”

“We start wrapping up Iranian officials inside Iraq. Maybe to secure the rear areas, when we move on to Iran? Think about it!”

“And get this Bush says ‘All options are on the table to ensure that Iran will never get a nuclear weapon.’ You tell me, doesn’t that sound like Bush is preparing to launch a preemptive nuclear strike to Prevent Tehran from going nuclear?”

“Oh and my favorite. It has just be announced that ” …U.S. forces have the authority to capture or kill Iranian agents active in attacking American soldiers inside Iraq…” Can you say Gulf of Tonkin. If this isn’t a set up for ‘a war in defense of the brave Iraqi democracy’ I’m not called ‘The Wrench.’

“This thing is going to hell soon and we are not going to be left holding the bag. Future generations of American might, but not us.” Concluded Fantone.