Last 3 Bush Supporters Share Cab by Accident

(New York, New York) In a bizarre coincidence the last 3 remaining Bush supports find themselves in the same taxi cab. George Reynolds of Barrington, Rhode Island was traveling with with a friend on Business Tuesday when they hailed a cab to JFK. As the pair climbed a third man entered from the opposite side.

Once seated the thee men decided to share the cab fare to the Airport. As the taxi lurched through the New York city traffic the conversation turned to the Presidents new way forward in Iraq. The men quickly agreed they supported the President and his plans for Iraq. According to Reynolds of Barrington, Rhode Island “Iraq is an incredible mess but I have faith that George Bush will lead us into peace.”

The other two men both voiced their support for the plans but were unsure if the American public had the courage and patience to win the conflict. As the taxi turned on to Park avenue, the discussion continued with Mr. Reynolds explaining that, in his opinion, the Democrats were cowards and that if they followed the will of the voters they , the Democrats, would be proved wrong in the end.

All three men were self assured that 2008 would be a great year for the Republicans to hold the Presidency and retake the congress. While the men were congratulating themselves and The President for standing by their convictions the taxi came to a sudden screeching stop.

The Taxi driver, James Washington of New York City, had stopped the cab on a center median and busied himself by violently emptying the three men and their suitcases in to on-coming traffic. Apparently Mr. Washington, a Vietnam veteran with an ailing wife on medicare had grown frustrated while listening to his passengers discuss how “Good George W. Bush is for America”.

As Mr. Washington left the three men on the median, He shouted “I’m finished with you jive talking fat cat Republicans , I’m voting for the new brown bomba(sic) Mr. Barack Obama”