Are you aware that Bush is gradually assuming the role of a dictator? Are you aware that Congress is tip-toeing around the issue? Are you aware that the pill companies, right-wing media, HMO’s, agroindustry, and other corporate entities have BOUGHT your congressman, and the corporations are calling in their chips? Cattle can’t be inspected for Mad Cow Disease, gas mileage can’t be increased, millionaire ‘cotton farmers’ get huge subsidies, Alternative energy research is blocked, National Parks and Forests are being handed over to lumber companies amd oil well drillers…

If you think your congressman represents YOUR interests, you’re sadly mistaken. Corporate money put him in office and they bought your congressman.

The Bush Cheney gang who sold your government to the highest bidders MUST be impeached. If you’re worried and unhappy the way thing are, you have two choices. gripe and moan, or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Write, email, phone your congressman and remind him that his job hinges on the present 65 percent of Americans who think the present congress, both Republican and Democrat, is the WORST IN HISTORY. Let’s take back the country!.

Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush
(Center for Constitutional Rights)

Article I
George W. Bush has abused his powers by violating the constitutional rights of citizens, by directing or authorizing the National Security Agency and various other agencies within the intelligence community to conduct electronic surveillance outside of the statutes Congress has prescribed as the exclusive means for such surveillance.

Article II
George W. Bush has subverted the Constitution, its guarantee of a republican form of government, and the constitutional separation of powers by undermining the rightful authority of Congress to declare war, oversee foreign affairs, and make appropriations. He did so by justifying the war with false and misleading statements and deceiving the people of the United States as well as Congress.

Article III
George W. Bush has abused his power by violating the constitutional and international rights of citizens and non-citizens by arbitrarily detaining them indefinitely inside and outside the United States, without due process, without charges, and with limited , if any, access to counsel or courts.

Article IV
He has formally declared his intent to violate the laws enacted by Congress by appending a “signing statement” to legislation that asserts his right to carve out exceptions to legislation as he sees fit, thereby abrogating to himself legislative powers reserved solely to Congress.