Latest Bin Laden Offering Most Desperate and Controversial to Date

Washington, DC (Rotters) – Osama bin Laden warned in his latest DVD release, available for purchase from terrorist websites, that Al Qaeda would be stepping up its threats of attacks both in Europe and in the United States in response to offensive cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed republished by Danish newspapers. Bin Laden threatened to bring attacks also to the heart of America, targeting what he described as “your center of decadence” by infiltrating and threatening collegiate spring breaks nationwide.

“Clearly we are witnessing some degree of desperation on the part of Al-Qaeda leadership,” stated Ben Pensive, the head of US supported IntelCenter, a group tasked with monitoring militant websites worldwide. “Al-Sahab, al-Qaeda’s media and PR wing, has become quite sophisticated with it’s video editing and marketing skills. We were surprised at how well al-Qaeda has been able to maintain what appears to be a growing trend in female suicide bombers, and now , perhaps, we have some answers as to how they’ve accomplished this.”

The DVD was made public simultaneously just yesterday on thousands of jihadist websites worldwide, and is offered for the price of