Leaks sink The George W. Bush

(Potomac River : Washington D.C.) The United States Coast Guard is reporting the loss of the George W. Bush. Over the weekend the vessel capsized and sank in 180 feet of water. According to the Coast Guards ranking officer on the scene, The sinking was caused a series leaks from inside the vessel. “The George W. Bush had been slowing taking on water for several years before he finally capsized why didn’t the owners do more to save it?”

The George W. Bush is registered to the White House shipping line. Coast Guard officials are calling the sinking a case of presidential neglect and negligence. When the leaks were first discovered president of White House shipping said “The source the leaks would be found and removed.” Apparently the Captain of the George W. Bush was himself responsible for the leaks and nothing was done to repair the damage.

Now with George W. Bush mired on the bottom of Potomac river the finger pointing has started. The president of White House shipping lines, Karl Rove has repeatedly stated the “George W. Bush should not be blamed for the leaks” While In the days leading up to the sinking White House shipping announced the resignation of Master Chief of Staff Andy Card. This surprise move however failed to stop the water from coming in. Some close to The George W. Bush and Andy Card are concerned the master Chief may himself be the cause of the leaks.

Confusing the Issue even more, the firms Vice President, Dick Cheney said “The crew of the vessel, George W. Bush had no knowledge of the leaks.” Meanwhile supporters of the George W. Bush say the White House President if not at fault for leaks. They lay the blame on Republican Duke Cummingham for ramming his luxury yacht the “Dukester” into the George W. Bush.

Surveyors are now reviewing the feasibility of raising George W. Bush. John Gallup of Gallup Polling and Salvage expects it will be difficult. “It’s hard to see exactly what caused the sinking But I am thinking The George W. Bush must have hit Iraq.”