"Leave Petraeus Alone" Video Surfaces

DBZ.Com – A new video has surfaced on the Internet with an anonymous poster tearfully defending the reputation and recent performance of Commanding General David Petraeus. The author mocks critics who panned the recent performance of the Iraqi “surge” architect before both houses of Congress earlier this week. Thus far the video has received over 2 million hits on YouTube alone. A transcript follows(warning: explicit language).

“How f**king dare anyone out there make fun of Petty after all he’s been through,” the anonymous poster said.

“I’m looking at a divorce, I’ve got two kids… and I’ve turned out to be a user, a cheater… and now I’m going back into a hopeless battle. All you people care about is talking points and taking money away from me. I’m only human.

“What you don’t realize is I’m making some of us a lot of money, and all you do is write crap about me!

“We’re gonna perform this surge for years. The surge is calling “give us more time” for a reason – because I want more, more, more, more, more… leave me alone.

“You’re lucky I even decided to decide for you bastards. Leave Petraeus and me alone… please.

“Cheney always talks about “presidential”… he says if I had been presidential I would have pulled it off no matter what… speaking of presidential, when is it not presidential to bash someone who’s giving me a hard time! Leave Petraeus alone! Pleeeease!

“Leave David Petraeus alone RIGHT NOW! I mean it!!!

“Anybody who has a problem with me, you deal with it… because I’m not well right now!

“(Sobbing)… leave me alone…