Leopold and Madsen Netted in DOJ Sting Operation?

Washington, DC (APE) – Family members for independent investigative journalists Jason Leopold and Wayne Madsen admitted today that they have had no contact with either of them since late last week and have begun to worry about their safety. Their respective families have reported the matter to police and fear that they may have been already clandestinely taken into custody by the Department of Justice over their recent reporting of the potential Karl Rove indictment. Leopold threatened to out anonymous sources who had reputedly outed confidential information in regards to the indictment of Karl Rove for his role in the outing of CIA Agent Valerie Plame. Madsen had apparently weighed in with independent confirmation by his own sources of Leopold’s story.

Family members for both reporters admitted late last night that they had taken the grim step of opening sealed envelopes in the possession of the reporters’ respective lawyers which were to be opened in the event of their deaths or disappearances. Leopold’s folder appeared to be somewhat dated, as did Madsen’s. Leopold made accusations towards former Attorney General John Ashcroft who resigned over two years ago. The contents of Madsen’s folder was kept secret by authorities, but was reportedly immediately forwarded to FBI agents investigating the decades old Jimmy Hoffa disappearance at a horse farm in Milford Township, Michigan.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice stated that they would neither confirm nor deny the possibility that the two had been taken into custody. “We live in dangerous times,” stated the DOJ representative, who wished to remain anonymous, “People should really think twice before repeating things. Who knows… that fanciful and unsubstantiated rumor that you spread just might turn out to be a state secret.”

Rumors also persisted yesterday that the pair had possibly been abducted by an ultra-left fringe group called “Blog September” who had become angered over Leopold and Madsen’s reporting of late, and in particular over Leopold’s recent apparently inaccurate assertions of Rove’s impending indictment.

A prominent internet conspiracy theorist, who understandably wished to remain anonymous, offered that this should serve as a lesson to all amature conspiracy theorists everywhere. “Trust no one,” he or she stated, “and always keep your theories and “insurance documents” up to date and backed up frequently.”