Let's All Help Barack Obama Fail

It’s early in the morning. I shouldn’t be awake, but I’ve been thinking about the replies I got yesterday to my posting about what spineless wimps we are for not supporting Barack Obama, the man we chose in a desperate hour to save our butts, then left twisting in the wind. Now, admittedly, not many people read my writing…mostly because, quite frankly, it’s not that good…but yesterday at least I heard from two guys that felt the way I did about how we screwed both Barack Obama and ourselves. I mean, what the hell’s wrong with fighting back against people who out and out lie to achieve the failure of America? That’s what Palin, Limbaugh and Beck, with the help of billionaires like Murdoch and the Wyly’s, are doing- trying to first tear down, then re-shape America into something strange and alien.

These people say they want to bring back America’s core values- bullshit. Religious intolerance hasn’t been a core value since the Puritans, it’s a problem we’ve had to overcome to be a better nation, like racism and the rape of our environment. It’s the same with slavery, slaughter of the Indigenous Peoples and hating every new ethnic group that’s ever came here…Irish, Italians, Chinese, Hispanics, you name it. Blaming other religions for everything that’s ever gone wrong in our beer swilling, low income lives is a part of our legacy too. But for a awhile, I honestly thought we were going to get past it.

There’s a book about JFK called, “A Brief, Shining Moment”…that’s what we had in November of 2008 when the majority of people in America got together, elected Barack Obama and made history. A brief shining moment.

We didn’t agree with each other by any means. Hell, we weren’t even supposed to. To some people it was about finally getting past a three hundred year old racial barrier and electing a Black man. To others it was about saving our country from economic ruin. Or finally building an ecologically sustainable society that didn’t just keep sucking down every finite natural resource we had and developing a better, cleaner way to live and grow as a nation. To others still, it was about being allowed to legally marry the person you’d decided you loved. To some it was about once again having an intelligent leader. And some people just wanted a fucking job.

Whatever. We somehow all got together and pinned those different hopes and dreams on one man. Our country was reeling from a Conservative manufactured financial implosion that began when George Bush first took all those Clinton budget surpluses and just gave them away, buying the election at $300.00 a vote. Then once we had no money left, he started borrowing from China, turning us into a debtor nation.

He squandered trillions of dollars of that borrowed money, not re-building America’s infrastructure, educating our children, feeding our poor or funding Social Security, but in fighting two wars. And in so doing, we very nearly lost the first one, the necessary one by invading Iraq. And, either through stupidity or hubris ,he alienated nearly every ally we ever had. Then he set about decimating the middle class. The thing is, none of this was actually a mistake…it was all intentional; it just didn’t work out the way he planned it.

The point is, everything the Limbaugh’s and Palin’s are screeching about was caused by a Republican Administration. Just seven hundred or so days ago (I’m not being exact here cause it’s four thirty in the morning, but you get my meaning), we were facing the very real prospect of complete economic collapse. All of it began before Barack Obama was even elected, let alone inaugurated. The Republicans initiated the 700 billion dollar TARP program in October of 08, not Obama. It was Bush/ Cheney who bought stakes in AIG, GM, Chrysler and the mega banks with no real strictures on how the money would be used or paid back, not Obama. But it was Barack Obama, because he was inaugurated right in the middle of it, who caught the blame for it all.

Beck, Limbaugh and now Palin, who make millions by just bitching about shit, had their opening. Barack Obama was now the President, so it was all his fault. Obama is a Socialist who’s taking over and nationalizing American banks and industries…Obama is a Communist who’ll destroy the free market system…Obama’s middle name is Hussein…Obama is a Muslim…Obama wasn’t even born in America…he’s a reverse racist…and of course, “What’s wrong with saying I want our President to fail”? Our country and the planet was on the brink of ruin, we desperately needed someone to save us. We chose Barack Obama to do it. And Rush Limbaugh wants him to fail. And the two bizarre things about this are: 1) millions of Americans who listen to him and the others want him to fail as well and 2) the rest of us are doing absolutely nothing to help him succeed.

Even if we had the guts to stand up and repudiate the lies that Palin, Limbaugh and Beck spew every day, even if we gave him our whole-hearted support, Barack Obama would still make mistakes, and probably really big ones too. He was saddled with a global crisis on a scale that the world hasn’t seen in nearly a century; far worse in fact, because now we as a nation are saddled with unsustainable debt, have significantly less raw materials and almost no manufacturing base to create jobs in. But at least he’s smart enough to realize they were mistakes and try something else, that is, if he had any support from us at all. But we’re too afraid of the Tea Party and Rush Limbaugh. We’re even afraid of an idiot like Sarah fuckin Palin, for god’s sake. And since he knows we don’t have his back, Barack Obama has to tread really lightly.

So in November a bunch of uninformed people will go to the polls and elect a bunch of people who have no idea how to govern, or compromise, while we stay home. They’ll polarize the process even more than it is now and we won’t stop it from happening because we’re gutless and fickle. Ah, what’s the use.