Letterman's Rampage : McCain's Suspension : Palin impaled : Katie Killin' it : Bush's next war …

John McCain : Trending Down
Political hi-jinx not very Presidential
Pissing off David Letterman another disaster
Unconfirmed advice:
Reconsider suspending you campaign?

David Letterman : Trending Up
Hell hath no fury as a late night host scorned
Funniest in years, You Tube mega hit!
Unconfirmed advice:
Hire more security and watch out for GOP secret police

Katie Couric : Trending Up
Nice to see an intelligent women that earned a position of power
Scooping Letterman makes for great Television
Unconfirmed advice:
Schedule Palin for a live colonoscopy Insane!

Sarah Palin : Trending Down
Botched interview with Katie Couric
Watch out ! I know fact that Joe Biden is tougher than Katie
Unconfirmed advice:
Avoid Self-Imolation during debate with Joe Biden

Joe Biden : Trending Up
Should be a good week for you
Still under the radar but punches are landing..hard
Unconfirmed advice:
Debate advise: Sit back and let Palin impale herself

George W. Bush : Trending Even
You are a “war” President… next war the Financial crisis
Too bad your party created this war…disaster maybe?
Unconfirmed advice:
Fear, Uncertainty and Debt will be your legacy