Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Not Satire, from President George W. Bush

I wanted to write this letter to let the world know that I, President George W. Bush, am a frequent reader of Unconfirmed Sources. You guys have some great reporters. I am just a little confused, because I don’t see much satire in what you all write. Most of what you are all writing is almost too reality-based for my taste.

I know there are organizations like Accuracy In Media, but I was wondering if there is anything like an Inaccuracy In Satirical Media, to ensure that satire doesn’t become too true? Some officials in my administration were urging me to take action against Unconfirmed Sources, by having the Federal Communications Commission penalize UCS for fraudulent advertising by having a disclaimer saying that everything isn’t true, when a lot of it really is.

I am kind of troubled the way UCS misleads its readers by presenting the truth advertised as fiction. I get more reliable news from Unconfirmed Sources than I do from any other source in the media. For that, I wanted to thank the editors over there.

P.S. – It is fun being a hereditary dictator, like that North Korean guy. Do you all have any suggestions for winning this thing in Iraq?