Lexus to Launch "Micro Luxury Economy" Car E750-G

(DETROIT : Ucs Automotive News) – Soaring gas prices have turned the steady migration by Americans to smaller cars into a stampede. In what industry analysts are calling a first, 25% of the vehicles sold in the United States was a compact or subcompact car during April.

Not to left out of the small car sales binge, Luxury auto makers are announcing plans for small fuel efficient cars. The Lexus E750-G will be the first of a new wave of “Micro Luxury Economy” cars.

The Lexus E750-G, based on the hot selling Toyota subcompact Yaris, features a leather interior, high end B&O audio speakers, 17 inch alloy wheels and fully functional satellite radio/navagation system. The Lexus E750-G also features a new dual overhead cam 1.5 liter fuel injected engine.

The new engined designed for the new generation of Luxury Economy cars is ultra quiet, silky smooth and delivers excellent throttle response. according to Lexus, the new engine sips gasoline with dignity rather than chugging.

The trend toward smaller and lighter vehicles with better mileage is a blow to luxury automakers. Once considered an unattractive and cheap alternative to large cars and S.U.V.’s, Micro Luxury compacts have become the new star of the showroom at a time when overall industry sales are falling.