Liberty County Texas Courts Rule Psychic Visions Reasonable For Search and Seizure

When police issued a search warrant for a private home in Liberty County, TX, they inadvertently skirted the Fourth Amendment by declaring that the ravings of a ‘psychic’ woman claiming mass graves on the property were grounds for a ‘reasonable search and seizure’.

It would appear a psychic called the Liberty County police claiming that as many as 30 corpses were buried in the yard of an area family. When the police searched and found nothing the “psychic” told them they were searching in the wrong place so they returned with several law enforcement officials and cadaver sniffing dogs along with Texas Department of Public Safety officers, Texas Rangers, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation! ! For some odd reason the judge issued a search warrant, effectively claiming that the ranting of a dubious ‘psychic’ were considered “evidence” that a crime had been committed!

No bodies were found, no evidence of a crime, NOTHING!!!

Keep in mind, I predicted two weeks ago that this would happen. See . If this kind of behavior continues to be tolerated we will all find ourselves at the mercy of Big Brother who can search our property on any whim or fancy.

I guess I’m a psychic too! Or I just have an uncanny sense of the obvious.

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