Limbaugh Denies Involvement in Alleged Lohan OxyContin Addiction

Hollywood, CA (O! Online) – Right-wing radio pundit Rush Limbaugh late today stepped forward to deny accusations of involvement in screen actress Lindsay Lohan’s newly revealed alleged addiction to OxyContin. The charges were brought in the press by Lohan’s estranged and recovering addict father Michael Lohan earlier this morning, as Lohan had checked into the posh Promises rehab treatment facility in Malibu.

Lohan had been seen and photographed with Limbaugh on multiple occasions last year frequenting the same clubs in the Hollywood area.

Hollywood police earlier today had also announced that they were continuing an ongoing investigation into the Hollywood club scene with a concentration upon who might have been supplying alcohol and other substances to underage patrons. The clubs in question have consistently denied responsibility, and the police department would neither admit nor deny that Limbaugh had become the focus of their investigation.

Limbaugh, late today on his syndicated radio program, denied any wrongdoing and insisted that he was the victim of a left-wing smear campaign mounted by multi billionaire George Soros. “As God is my witness, I’ve done nothing wrong,” Limbaugh related to listeners, “I swear to God, she told me she was 21! I’ve never offered her anything but Viagra for jet lag.”

Limbaugh did admit to a passing acquaintance with Lohan, claiming that the two had met previously in a local pilonidal cyst support group, but that their relationship had remained platonic.