Limbaugh to Receive Congressional Commendation for Identifying Phony Troops

Washington, DC (APE) – Comedian and political pundit Rush Limbaugh today received a commendation and special award from the U.S. Senate for his help in identifying “phony soldiers”. Limbaugh had earlier in the week declared on his talk radio show that troops who return from Iraq and criticized the president or his war policies were simply, “phony soldiers”. Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina stepped forward to publicly thank Limbaugh and offer a plaque in appreciation for his remarks and promised to push through a nonbinding commendation for his efforts.

Both promised to expedite the resolution through the Senate, and push for its overwhelming adoption in the House of Representatives.

“I believe the recent nonbinding condemnation of the dastardly ad from MoveOn will make it much easier for senators to approach this resolution in a more positive and bipartisan fashion,” stated Senator Graham. “What’s more, as an active reservist, I think that this is something we need to take a very close look at both in the active duty military and reserves. It would be invaluable to identify “phony soldiers” very early on and take steps to reform them.”

“Mr. Limbaugh is just speaking from the heart,” stated a tearful representative Boehner. “He’s just expressing feelings common to a lot of us in the House; feelings that we have frankly been afraid to express since the Democrats have ruthlessly seized power, and thwarted our attempts to shut down all forms of dialog and debate.”

Senate majority leader Harry Reid could not be reached for comment, but an anonymous staffer offered that Democrats would likely attempt to mount some sort of opposition to the resolution before it passed.