Lindsay Lohan Calls Paris Hilton a "Grunt", Apologizes

Los Angeles, CA (O! Online) – Lindsay Lohan today apologized for a misunderstanding that she claims happened earlier this week. Thronged by paparazzi leaving a hotel party that friend Paris Hilton apparently was attending, she was asked if she fought with Hilton that night. Caught on tape in a video snippet that was posted Thursday on, Lohan simply called her friend and fellow actress Hilton “a grunt”. Misunderstood as a four letter word insult, a friend in the back seat of Lohan’s SUV quickly added, “she’s kidding.”

“That other word is certainly not what I said,” stated Lohan today, “Paris and I are really close friends and I would never refer to her in that way… that word is disgusting and it’s not even in my vocabulary. I really do want to apologize for letting the cat out of the bag, though. Paris had confided in me about her plans to enlist, and I just sort of let it slip. It was supposed to be this big secret surprise next week. I’m sorry Paris!”

Elliot Mintz, a publicist for Ms. Hilton confirmed that she indeed had enlisted in the United States Marine Corps earlier in the week. “She thought long and hard about it,” stated Mintz, “and she says that she was attracted to the discipline that the Marine Corps had to offer. Paris was also motivated by her struggles with her celibacy pledge. We also received assurances from a recruiter that Paris’ role in the Corps after boot camp would likely be merely public relations in nature without combat exposure.”

Mintz also stated that Paris had been motivated by the recent gaffe from Senator John Kerry. She wanted to set an example, that, like Kerry, even people of privilege and wealth had an obligation to their country. Mintz also stated that Hilton’s enlistment agreement stipulated that she would be eschewing the traditional basic training at Parris Island for a more personalized and less intensive stint at Hilton Head Island.