Lindsay Lohan Demands Refund : Promises Staff Botched Her Rehab

LOS ANGELES (Ucs News) – Now out on bail Lindsay Lohan has her lawyers working overtime. According to Lindsay’s personal assistant, Lohan’s crack legal team is working hard to keep Lindsay from doing hard time and putting in extra effort to recover the $135,000 paid to Promises Rehabilitation center.

The 21-year-old was arrested in Santa Monica, for driving under the influence and possession of cocaine; it was her second drunken-driving arrest in less than three months.

With the relapse less than two weeks out of a rehabilitation center, Lohan feels the Celebrity Rehab Center Promises “Did not succeed in fixing my screwed up life and I want my money back.”

Lard Berkensail the Spokesmen for the Promises Rehabilitation Center stated “We did our best to help Miss Lohan during her stay with us, but we are an image Rehabilitation center. We are not really equiped to help people with substance abuse problems.” According to Berkensail Lohan is “One screwed up kid” that “needs Help”.

Lohan is currently under medical care at the clinic of Doctor Jack Daniels.