Lindsay Lohan Now Fixates On Arianna Huffington Over Angelina Jolie

(Los Angeles–CA) Linsday Lohan doesn’t want to be called “teen queen”, and it seems that the “not teen queen’s” newly launched blog, Lind-say, bespeaks of a knowledge of current events that may prove she has grown up, and its first few entries are about…not Angelina Jolie…but Arianna Huffington.

02/24/06–Lohan describes why her blog will be more visited than that of the Greek pundit. “I read Aridanna Huffalot’s blog today. Look, I’m not a newbie to politics. But is the “b” in “blog supposed to stand for BORING? My motto is that the newbie with the boobies will steal a lot of visitors from Huffalot’s blog when the newbie shows her two good reasons for entering the political debate.” Visits to Lohan’s blog shot up 1.25 X 10(23) power according to MediaTrax after Lohan attached an image of her in a wet Catholic High School Girl’s uniform to the “virgin” entry.

Though Lohan claims herself “not alleged to any political party but the party of Life…and any party they don’t card you is a pretty good party to get into too,” she does believe that she is the female Voice of her generation

02/25/06–“Sure, women like Huffalot wrote all these books on how women were getting the shaft, and not in a good way, back in the day by the man meat of their gen. But, like let’s face it, there’s a pull date on the package; and maybe if they shook it, they’d still have it. I think I know a lot about men, like what they mean when they say things like ‘reverse cowgirl’ and eating a banana in front of them gets them hot. But after thirty you can eat, like, a salami nude on a webcast and not even get them to buy you a Red Bull. Just ask Paris Hilton. Just kidding, cuz. I luv you. But it’s true. I saw this movie by Fellinini. It was black and white but still cool. And in one scene, all of these old women have to go to the attic. It hurts, but I have to say to Aridanna…make way. I know one day I’ll have to go, but until then…enjoy the debate;-) Lohan’s blog shot up 1.25 X 10(35) power according to MediaTrax after she attached an upskirt shot of her grind dancing with Nicole Richie at the New York nightclub Crobar.

In a related note, Bill Maher, who is a subscriber to Lohan’s vlog podcast, has refused to answer the question of why he has made Lohan a permanent guest on Real Time with Bill Maher.

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