Looting Breaks Out on New Orleans Levees

New Orleans, LA (UPSI) – Louisiana National Guard troops had to be summoned to break up a near riot and looting incident along one of the city’s many levees being rapidly repaired in preparation for the possibility of a hit from Category 4 hurricane Rita making its way through the Gulf of Mexico. Fighting broke out amongst the workers who were busy shifting and arranging the giant bags that were earlier in the week dropped from government helicopters.

Soldier standing guard over recovered bills.

Apparently one of the bags ruptured and it was discovered that the contents was several hundred thousand dollars in $100 bills. A fight broke out amongst the workers, and they also began digging and tearing away at the reinforced levee. The National Guard stepped in and quickly broke up the disturbance, but it is not known just how much damage was done or how much money escaped.

A spokesman for the Louisiana National Guard stated, “We will have to take some of the blame for this mishap. Our unit had been shifted back emergently from Iraq just after Katrina. In the confusion, we just got some of our bags mixed up.”

White House spokesperson Scott McClellan stated,”The President’s recovery plan for the Gulf Coast continues. This administration continues to show what can be accomplished with careful planning, fiscal responsibility, and not resorting to “throwing money” at a problem as has been done in the past.”