Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN to Join Minutemen Border Militia Group

Unconfirmed sources report that long time CNN host Lou Dobbs has announced that he will be leaving CNN to participate in border security full time. Dobbs who has spent the better part of the last decade railing against immigration into the United States will be moving to Texas to volunteer full time for the border security group The Minuteman.

“We welcome Lou to our group.” says Minuteman leader Jim Gilchrist. “The Minutemen project needs guys like Lou who can really tell it like it is, and pack serious heat at the same time.”

Our sources indicate that Dobbs will be moving to Brownsville TX and will be working in border country all along the Texas Border.

“Lou has been leading the fight over the airways for a long time and he is ready to be a pair boots on the ground.” Says Dobbs spokesperson Ben Lyon. “Lou is dedicated to the cause to keeping America safe for Americans and feels that this move is the best thing for him and the country.”