Louisiana Announces Worst Serial Killer in State History

Houma, LA (APE) – Terrebonne Parish Sherriff Jerry Larpenter today stated that authorities there were hot on the trail of the worst serial killer in the state’s history. Parish police displayed a picture of the lead suspect to the press today, stating that he was responsible for over 1697 deaths in his short spree of a little over one year. Most were concentrated in Louisiana but the total also included some victims in surrounding states.

Another victim was found just this week in the ruins of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. The majority of the killer’s victims had all the appearances of having drowned.

A Parish spokesperson stated that at this point it was very unlikely that they would be able to obtain a confession from their suspect, but that circumstantial evidence in all 1697 cases was overwhelming. He pleaded for anyone with inside knowledge to please step forward and help bring the killer to justice. Authorities admitted that they were fearful that their suspect was an international flight risk, citing evidence of a recent purchase of property in Paraguay.

Hundreds of tearful family members attended the press conference, bringing pictures of the victims.

“God I hope they get him. I hope he gets the death penalty,” Jean Thibodaux said. “My brother didn’t deserve for anything to happen to him. He thought he was safe.”