Macy's Department Stores Admit They Watch Customers Undress

Executives with Macy’s Department Stores unabashedly admitted yesterday that they “peep” on their customers as they change their clothes.

“It’s only illegal if the peeping tom is a private citizen”, explained Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren. “When a corporation does it it’s called ‘doing business'”.

The issue cam to light when a Macy’s employee reported that the dressing room doors were on backward allowing passersby to peer through the slats into the dressing room where an individual was changing. The employee was scolded then fired for the report.

Customers are not told that they are being watched as they undress and this has caused some concerns among the patrons. “Even my boyfriend hasn’t seen me naked yet”, said attractive, 17 year old Sofia Rosenberg. But the store employees have? HELP ME!!!”

“We have to make sure no one’s stealing anything”, said Los Angeles store manager Anthony Voyeur. “I find young, sexy girls are most likely to steal things so I keep my eyes on them”.

Other stores that admit to peeping in the dressing rooms are Saks Fifth Avenue, Ann Taylor Loft and Dillard’s.

“We really enjoy our work!” said retail sales associate Rick Lascivious.

Law enforcement officers claim that if anyone wishes to peer into the changing rooms they will have to first become store employees. Any other caught doing the same thing will be arrested, imprisoned and forced to register as a sex offender for a minimum of 10 years.