Massive Bitcoin Find Shakes Markets

Bitcoin Deposit Found
Bitcoin Deposit Found

(Brazil) Unconfirmed sources report that a massive Bitcoin findĀ in the Amazonian rainforest has destabilized the virtual currency. Prices on the Bitcoin exchange, Mt Gox, are gyrating wildly as news the massive find spreads. The discovery of a seam of the virtual currency has called into the question the foundations of the internet based financial instrument.

Miners working in Brazil 10 miles south of the river town Fonte Boa made the discovery 3 days ago while working a long established silver deposit. Our sources indicate that a native miner broke into an underground void and Bitcoins began to well up. Within minutes the miners had to flee the rising Bitcoins as they flooded the underground works.

Access to the area has been closed as government mining officials rush to the scene to assess the situation.

“This is an amazing find, “says Amir Taaki, a project developer for “Bitcoins are a virtual currency; we would have never guessed that they would be discovered by actual miners. I think the entire Bitcoin community is watching this development very carefully. Having actual physical Bitcoins could be an amazing addition to the Bitcoin financial system.