Master Chief Super Hack : Halo 3 ported to Nintendo Wii

(Reichtenburg, Germany : UCS News) German high school student has once again achieved the impossible. 18 years old Hans Nuttzipper has cracked the encryption and ported the shocking popular Halo 3 video game to the very popular Nintendo Wii game console.

According to tech watchers Nuttzipper has “Once again scaled the mount Olympus of Wii – XBox hacks.” CNet declared the Halo/Wii hack “A stunning achievement that will inspire millions.”

Nuttzipper announced the Halo Nintendo Wii hack on the website and provided the 28 step instructions and required code. The young German took on the challenge after a classmate stated it would be impossible. Nuttzipper attacked the Wii e and Xbox with vengeance and after a marathon coding session booted Halo 3 on his Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata stated in a press release “Nuttzipper is a giant among his peers, this single feat will nearly guarantee Nintendo sells another million Wii consoles next year.”

“We are excited about creating a vibrant third-party developer community around the Wii and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users,” Satoru Iwata said in the posting.