May 3 "Day with Cannabis" Marchers Disappointed by the Millions As Mexico's Fox Backs Down

Mexico City, Mexico (Rotters) – As millions of potential immigrants and marijuana legalization supporters massed in Los Angeles and marched to Tijuana in support of the legalization of small quantities of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin in Mexico, Mexican President Vicente Fox disappointed them by refusing to sign into law the legislation that he and his party had originally pushed through Congress. The legislation was met with opposition in northern tourist towns such as Tijuana where authorities feared a flood of new tourists and possibly new immigrants from America.

The fears of the Tijuana authorities appeared to be justified if the turnout for the spontaneous May 3 “Day with Cannabis” march was any indication. Authorities in Los Angeles stated that estimates topped over a million participants. Marchers were described by authorities as multicultural and peaceful. “Almost too peaceful.” stated one law enforcement authority.

By the time marchers had been bused to Tijuana and reassembled, their numbers had dropped into the tens of thousands. Mexican authorities again described the marchers as peaceful and fairly well received by the community, although a number of Mexican counter protesters could be seen.

Organizers stated that they have named themselves “Amerijuanos”, and plans are in the works for future marches in California and Texas as well as other states which border upon Mexico. These marches come on the heels of high turnouts on May 1 of Mexican immigrants protesting American legislation designed to further criminalize and tighten illegal immigration.

It was rumored that President Fox had caved to pressure from the Bush administration at the last minute in refusing to sign into law the decriminalization legislation. “In our country the possession of drugs and their consumption are, and will continue to be, crimes,” stated a spokesperson for the DEA.