McCain Attacks Obama Economic Policy

DENVER (Ucs News) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain launched his first television ad of the general election Friday. The 2 minute campaign spot portrays McCain as a courageous economic mastermind, then blasts the economic policy of Democratic front runner Barak Obama. According to the Arizona Senator, Obama’s policies ..”will drain the treasury and lead to cuts in the Iraq war spending and oil company subsidies.”

After previewing the ad with reporters McCain detailed his concerns with the Obama economic plan. “I’m concerned that Barack Obama will waste money on domestic priorities like education, infrastructure improvements and disaster response. This reckless plan will not leave enough money to continue funding the Bush administration’s signature accomplishments- tax cuts for the rich and Iraq war spending.”

The Arizona senator later called the Obama blue print for fiscal responsibility and debit reduction a “sham” and “dangerous to national security”. In contrast McCain is calling for more tax cuts and continued free spending, both now trademarks of the current Republican economic ideology. McCain’s economic advisers have shrugged off suggestions that a weak dollar will cripple America’s ability to complete.

In his closing remarks McCain stated, “The Iraq war is more important than a new highway bridge in Minnesota, a better school in Louisiana or safe drinking water in Detroit. And most Americans, whether they support or oppose the war, expect their representatives to cast an honest vote to fund the war indefinitely win or lose.”