McCain Backs Bush Decision to Send Troops into Wall Street

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that the Bush administration has ordered the US armed forces to secure Wall Street. A combined air, sea and land assault on Wall Street could take place within hours. The troops have been tasked by the President to ‘root out the economic terrorists and secure the safety of Americas’ economy’.

Overseas markets have already responded to the news that the Bush administration is taking drastic action to fix the meltdown in the American financial sector. An expectant calm has come over the global capital markets with traders world wide heaving a sign of relief.

Presidential hopeful John McCain was consulted about the decision and reportedly encouraged the President to take action.

“I know the American military can kick butt,” said McCain . “Nobody, not nobody can beat us. No mater the foe, we will prevail. We are going to defeat these economic terrorists and save the American people. For too long these ‘traders’ have had their way with the American financial markets, that ends here today!”

“I think this is good news for McCain, on a purely political level.” Says Washington watcher David Brooks. “The Bush administration had too look tough and make a statement here. They had to prove that Republicans, long the party of free wheeling economic chaos, could do something positive to control the situation. And the use of the military to clear up this domestic economic matter shows that Republicans know how to handle these types of situations. On the whole, a good day for Republicans.”