McCain calls North Carolina GOP Tactics "Sleazy" and "disgraceful"

(New Orleans : Ucs News) John McCain leveled his trademark Straight Talk at North Carolina Republican Party today. In response to an attack ad targeting Barak Obama The Arizona called the GOP officials sponsoring the ad “Sleazy in the extreme” and “fear mongering bigots”. He then threaten to hold up millions in earmarked federal funds.

In John McCain’s view, using Barack Obama’s former pastor against him in a campaign ad is hitting below the belt. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee said on Wednesday “My Paster has said some really crazy stuff too, I thank god the media is not holding me accountable for everything Jerry Falwell preached.” The Arizona is right to feel lucky, Jerry Falwell held the extreme viewpoint that gays caused 911 and Hurricane Katrina was gods punishment of New Orleans for the city’s “high living”.

McCain has asked the North Carolina GOP not to run a television ad that brings up Obama’s controversial retiring pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. However, North Carolina Officials snubbed the Senator and is going forward despite warning from McCain. According to McCain staffers, the Senator is threatening to cut off some of the States ear marks, Ear marks according to congressional records worth more than 356 million to the state.

Supporters of McCain admit the controversy shows that John McCain does not really control the party, it’s a sign of weakness. If McCain can’t set the tone for the GOP campaign how will be effective as a leader? According to GOP master mind Karl Rove, “This shows the Republician party is still fractured from the GOP’s bitter campaign struggle.”

No doubt if McCain can’t control his own party how will he be able to accomplish anything with both houses of congress in Democratic control must less win the national election in November.