McCain Campaign Announces New Public Perception

Rick Davis, campaign manger for John McCain, has announced a new public perception for the foundering republican presidential nominee. “John McCain has gotten a raw deal from the previous public perception of him, so we are giving the public a new one.” announced Davis. The new public perception is being hammered out by the campaign and should be ready in just a few hours.

The new public perception of McCain will be rolled out to the voters through McCain campaign surrogates and friendly right wing media outlets, using a set of 10 talking points that are being circulated. The new public perception should be up and running in a few days, leaving plenty of time for McCain to make up ground in the national tracking polls and individual battle ground states as well.

“This is great news for John McCain,” says Washington political consultant Kent Bigsby, of the conservative Bigsby Group. “I’ve been waiting for the McCain people to announce a new public perception for weeks now. The current perception of McCain as out of step and out of touch has really hurt him during this financial crisis. His inability to suggest anything but tax cuts and bigger government to fix the current situation has made an electoral come back all put impossible. Changing the public perception is a good move, I just hope there is still time for it to work.”

There has been speculation that a new public perception of Sarah Palin is also in the works, but at this hour that is unconfirmed.