McCain Campaign Blasts Barack Obama for Dodging Vietnam Service

(McCain Campaign: Straight Talk Express) Ucs News: GOP front runner John McCain launched a blistering attack on Barack Obama today. While speaking to veterans in Annapolis, Maryland McCain criticized Obama calling the Democratic Senator from Illinois “a draft dodging coward.”

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis stated “We know that Senator McCain has an excellent Vietnam war record, much better than Barack Obama’s and it our aim to exploit this issue.”

Davis staffers outlined the campaigns strategy in a briefing to reporters. According briefing documents efforts will be made to contrast the candidates service records in the run up to the general election. While Obama has not yet secured the Democratic nomination, the McCain team feels a preemptive strike would help Hillary Clinton’s prospects.

Conservative television and talk radio personalities have seized upon Obama’s Vietnam service record launching attacks of their own. Both Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly ran commentary critical of Obama Vietnam war era activities.

David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager in another conference call with reporters stated: “We expected tough questions about Barack’s Vietnam era war record from the McCain campaign. I admit that in 1967 while John McCain was be tortured behind enemy lines in Hanoi Barack Obama was 6 years old and probably just learning to read.”