McCain campaign Bombshell : Vietnam invasion plans leaked!

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed Sources report Arizona Senator John McCain has been secretly planning the re-invasion of Vietnam. Memos from inside the Pentagon office of special plans detail the air, ground and naval assets required to seize control of the tiny south Asian nation once and for all.

The memos, drafted by the notorious Douglas Feith, Feith is a former Pentagon official closely associated with the neoconservative political faction who has been investigated for allegedly distorting prewar intelligence on Iraq.

Study of the plans shows that Feith’s terrible reputation for planning is well deserved. Like the plans created for the invasion of Iraq, Feith’s plans for the McCain invasion of Vietnam lack many critical features such as a time table for width drawl and an accurate accounting of the potential cost of operations.

The McCain campaign admitted the Senator had asked Douglas Feith to draft the plans for the invasion. McCain staffers confirmed that pending the declaration of victory in Iraq in October 2008, ‘We would have boots on the ground in Hanoi by July of 2009.”