McCain Campaign Leads Relief Efforts For Unemployed Lobbyists

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News- Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain Announced Sunday his campaign would help organize a relief fund for Washington lobbyists “cast aside” by the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee. “In these tough economic times the high living K-Street lobbyists should not be made to suffer.” Said McCain.

The Arizona Senator told supporters during a town hall meeting, “The K-Street crisis is threatening the way of life for the privileged class inside the beltway, much like the mortgage crisis wiping out home vales across the nation.”

john McCain Campaign manager, Rick Davis a well connected K-Street lobbyist, said “It’s really a perfect storm for Washington Lobbyists. With Democrats cutting us off and Republicans being cast out of office the whole industry is suffering.”

Davis went on to explain the tragic case of The Detroit automakers army of Washington lobbyists. According to Davis “They won, the car milage cafe standard was gutted during the Bush administration. Who knew the Japanese and European automakers move in and destroy Detroit once fuel prices increased.” The Detroit lobbyists are also suffering as lobbying budgets are stolen away to fund product research and development.”

According to McCain the K-Street crisis will only deepen as Democrats like Barack Obama and Howard Dean usurp Republican power. “It’s an unfolding tragedy that must be stopped. I won’t sit back and let another Rwanda take place on American soil.”