McCain Campaign to Release Transcript of Recent 3AM Phone Call from Clinton

Phoenix, AZ (UPSI) – After initially denying its existence, the McCain campaign today agreed to release a transcript of a recent 3 a.m. phone call from Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton. The call reportedly occurred this weekend as McCain was entertaining press at his home in Phoenix, AZ and apparently was overheard by a number of reporters who were up late talking with the senator.

Reporters present claimed that McCain appeared to be offering counsel and advice to Mrs. Clinton in regard to her ongoing campaign against Illinois Senator Barak Obama. Some stated that they appeared to be discussing tactics regarding how to call into question Senator Obama’s perceived lack of experience. At one point, according to some present, Clinton appeared to be reassuring McCain that her heated rhetoric against him was just political theater for the electorate.

“This is nothing unusual, and it’s not the first time Senator Clinton has spoken with Senator McCain,” stated a McCain campaign spokesperson. “She obviously trusts his judgment, and his level of life experience is on a par with her own. You have to have people that you can trust when you make that call at three o’clock in the morning.”

The Clinton campaign stated that it was looking forward to the release of the transcripts, and was urging the McCain campaign to release them as soon as possible after the Clinton’s planned release of their tax returns next month. “We think that the transcripts will reveal that Mrs. Clinton’s intentions were clearly misconstrued, and that this was not a cry for assistance in any way,” stated a campaign spokesperson.