McCain Campaigns with Jeb Bush In Florida; Says VP Spot Still Open

Palm Beach, FL (Ucs News) – Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) campaigned in Florida with former Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday, leading to speculation that the Republican nominee might be considering the Presidents Brother as a potential running mate

McCain refused to confirm if the former two-term governor of Florida was one of his choices for vice president, saying only, “I think there are many ways for him to serve the country. The process is really open, but I know that Jeb Bush will continue to serve this country in many respects in the future.”

“I think Florida will be a swing state, and I will be back asking for your support, and thanking you for your support. I look forward to the opportunity as president of the United States, working with Jeb Bush, to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil,” McCain told reporters the Palm Beach International Airport.

McCain secured the GOP nomination after winning all four primaries held on Tuesday. He will hold a town hall meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, and will visit New Hampshire next Wednesday to thank voters for giving him his first and perhaps most crucial win this primary season. The Republican nominee will then go on a 10-day official trip to Europe and the Middle East along along with other senators.