McCain Continues Green Tour : "I Support Natural Gas Powered Wind Turbines"

(North Bend, WA) Ucs Environmental News— Senator John McCain continued his “green” tour of the Northwest today with a stop in North Bend, Washington. He was clear that he wants to be seen as a liberal when it comes to curbing climate change, “I will be a Green President of the United States. I have a long record supporting of wind energy, I’m a huge fan of the new natural gas powered wind turbines.”

The presumptive Republican nominee stressed that gas powered wind turbines are much more efficient at creating wind than the coal fired wind turbines. In his speech on global warming yesterday McCain stressed the importance of a cap and trade, the reduction of greenhouse gases, and the link between stalling climate change and protecting America’s national security.

McCain made a clean break with President Bush on the issue of natural gas powered wind turbines. He was not shy in describing his conflicts with the administration on this issue:

“The President and I have disagreed on this issue natural gas powered wind turbines for many years. It isn’t a recent disagreement. Beginning in 2002 or 2003 I held hearings as chairman of the commerce committee and I took great exception to the testimony by administration officials on this issue,” He told reporters, “So there’s a long-standing, significant, deep, and strong differences on this issue between myself and the administration. . .”

The Arizona senator said he would start by giving oil companies tax breaks to construct natural gas powered wind turbines in the Alaskan National Wild Like Refuge. In McCain’s words, “The US has a huge supply of natural gas in Alaska. I can’t think of a better place to build wind turbines.”

McCain also said that no matter who might get upset