McCain Counters Obama VP Choice : Master Chief to face Joe Biden

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News– While Barack Obama introduced his choice for Vice President The McCain Campaign swiftly countered attacked. John McCain announced his selection for VP, The Master Chief.

McCain’s selection of Master Chief as a running mate is an excellent counter point to Joe Biden. “Master Chief will bring a new energy to American foreign policy.” said McCain. According the the master Chief’s staff “The Chief prefers to annihilate first and ask questions later.”

Master Chief will not only be an asset to the McCain administration, he is also known to be a vicious campaigner. The Chief has earned his tough reputation by ruining, shattering and wrecking his foes.

While not exactly matching the McCain folksy “every man” style, Master Chief is a veteran of many conflicts and has undergone devastating torture at the hand of his enemies. McCain stated “Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be tough to beat in November so I needed a man like the Chief at my side.”