McCain Endorsed by Romney, Saved by Huckabee

Washington, DC (UPSI) – The McCain presidential campaign today racked up endorsements from two competitors, one former and one still active. Former favorite Mitt Romney came out today in support of his campaign, and McCain himself was pronounced “reborn” by former Baptist minister and only remaining competitor, Mike Huckabee.

The confessional ceremony between McCain and Huckabee occurred at a small Washington, DC Baptist Church, and was attended only by McCain family and friends and Republick Party insiders.

During the ceremony, McCain openly wept on a number of occasions. He openly confessed his sins in regards to criticism of George Bush on a number of issues, and stated that he had seen the error of his ways in siding with Democrats on a number of issues throughout his career. Huckabee then pronounced him “saved”, and a “newly reborn soldier for Jesus”.

“I think that this will go a long way toward healing his rift with evangelical conservatives,” stated Dr. James Dobson, who attended the ceremony. “I don’t know if I will be able to support him yet, however. I want to see if he’ll be able to stay on the straight and narrow in regards to gay marriage, stem cells, and birth control. I like his stance on islamofascism, but he also has a little work to do in regards to his views on torture, in my opinion.”

The Huckabee campaign insisted that it would remain in the race for now in a seeming mentor role to the McCain campaign in an effort to help the senator through what it described as the first few difficult months after rebirth. Political insiders speculated that McCain’s conversion has added fuel to the notion that Huckabee may be tapped as McCain’s vice president in a move to solidify the Republick base.