McCain Energy Policy : Drilling for Oil will reduce our dependence on Oil

(Gulf of Mexico) Ucs News- Arizona Senator John McCain posed with Exxon-Mobil Chairman Rex Tillerson on the deck of the oil giants Macho Grande production platform. McCain was visiting the oil platform to reinforce his “Maverick” environmental credentials while accept big oil campaign contributions in person.

In the press conference that followed John McCain explained how drilling for more oil along the coasts and in Alaska will reduce our dependence on oil. McCain stated “Increased drilling in environmentally sensitive areas will act to boost the efficiency of both solar and wind energy.”

“Just imagine what those millions of barrels of oil will do to increase the adoption alternative energy. ” McCain said.

McCain then fought back against critics that accused him of pandering to big oil interests just for the money. A reporter asked the Senator. “Are you really drilling for oil or oil money?” McCain fired back, “Yes I’m taking their money now buy just wait until I’m in office…..”