McCain experience as War Hero Qualifies McCain to be a War Hero

DENVER (Ucs News) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain launched his first television ad of the general election Friday. “The American War Hero Americans have been waiting for,” the ad says, juxtaposing footage of the 71-year-old Arizona senator campaigning with clips of himself imprisoned in Vietnam three decades ago. The ad makes it clear that McCain is running for the position of The National War Hero and Chief.

Critics of the Senator are questioning his qualifications to be President, but not to be The National War Hero. Vietnam war historian Bob J. Perry has researched McCain’s war time record. “I have reviewed the years of John McCain’s military service and found some concerns.” According to Perry, being shot down and held prisoner in Hanoi Vietnam does not qualify him to handle the complicated economic and foreign policy issues he would face as a president of the United States of America.

McCain’s experience does however qualify him resist torture and the boredom that comes with being a prisoner of war. In short, McCain experience as a national war hero qualifies McCain to be The National War Hero.