McCain Gives Dalai Lama "Straight Talk"

(Aspen, Colorado) Ucs News- Republican presidential candidate John McCain met and prayed with the Dalai Lama today. Following a three hour session of meditation the two men discussed the Tibet problem. In the joint Press conference following the meeting McCain gave the Dalai Lama a dose of his trademark “Straight Talk”.

McCain said “Hey Dalai, Tibet is toast, you better get used to it. I suggest you try to score some Olympic tickets and enjoy yourself.”

The Tibetan spiritual leader was in Aspen, Colorado, for a symposium sponsored by The Aspen Institute think tank. McCain met with him while his rival, Democrat Barack Obama, was on high-profile trip through Europe and the Middle East.

The Dalai Lama praised McCain for his concern, but he emphasised he wasn’t endorsing McCain’s presidential bid. “I’m on for Obama” said the Dalai Lama.