McCain has Vietnam Flashback

Arizona senator John McCain apparently had a flashback to his days as a POW in Vietnam this afternoon as he was delivering a speech before the Racine, WI Town Hall Meeting.

Senator McCain was speaking about not raising taxes when he glanced out at the audience and noticed two Asian men in the front row. McCain yelled out “Gooks!” then pulled his microphone from his podium and attempted to shoot the two men with the object.

“I don’t know what got into me”, McCain apologized afterward to the still-trembling pair. “For a brief moment I thought you were two Vietcong commie bastards. Now I realize you are simply two outstanding citizens from Racine Wisconsin. I apologize.”

McCain carried on with the speech as if nothing had happened.

Racine Mayor Gary Becker took responsibility for the incident. “I assured Mr. McCain there would be no Asians in attendance. These two must have slipped in somehow. It was my fault”.

Richard Chou, a naturalized US citizen from China was visibly upset over McCain’s outburst. “I’m not even Vietnamese. I was born in Shanghai. Does he think we all look alike?”

McCain later assured his audience that from now on he will reserve his anger toward Mexicans and Arabs.

“Though I don’t really like the Chinese either”, McCain was quoted as saying.

Jeon Je Yong, the other Asian man, admits he is a former Vietnamese boat captain.