McCain Immigration plans change : Extend Border Fence to Cuba

(The Florida Keys) — Fidel Castro’s decision to step down as leader of Cuba has reignited debate over U.S. policy that seeks to isolate the communist-led nation. President Bush and many in Congress said the leadership move represents little real change and that the United States should continue building the border fence and ocean wall.

Environmental activists, farmers and local elected officials have been complaining for months about plans to build a massive border fence and Ocean wall along the Texas-Mexico and Florida-Cuban borders. Now the citizens of Florida have joined the heated debate. In recent comments to reporters, Presidential Candidate McCain expressed support for the construction of the ocean wall to further isolate the regime in Cuba.

But with Texas and Florida suddenly kingmakers in the 2008 presidential race, the issue has been thrust into the national spotlight in a new way, bringing a rare feeling of optimism that the project could be accelerated creating jobs and improving security all alone the border.

“There is a sense of hope that a McCain administration will be more border-centric,” said state Rep. Aaron Pena, D-Edinburg. Pena said many believe that Republican John McCain, criticized for his moderate immigration views, would push for the border fence and ocean wall in the gulf of Mexico.