McCain is Insane : Baldwin Bashing : Blue Angel falls to earth : The Baghdad Wall : Gonzales Pubi…

John McCain : Trending Down
He said what?
Voters looking for rational foreign policy
….keep looking

All media : Trending Down
Did you carry the Alec Baldwin story?
You suck and deserve to be replaced by a dorm room podcast

Blue Angel falls to earth : Trending Up
Sad of course….Tax dollars at work sadder
Shouldn’t the Navy’s best be in the skies over Iraq?

The Baghdad Wall : Trending Down
A wall, Not exactly the symbol of peace and freedom we were looking for.
Famous Democratic President once said “Tear down this wall”

George W. Bush : Trending Down
Stand by your man…Sure
In the case of AG Gonzales….you are standing on the Titanic

Gonzales Pubic Stoning : Trending Down
Proving again, it’s not what you know
it’s who.

Sanjaya : Trending Down
14 minutes and 59 Seconds.. And done.
Now please return to your obscure undisclosed location