McCain launches new campaign "Fear We Can Believe in"

(Straight Talk Express : Ucs News) — Sen. John McCain, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, and the Democratic candidate Barack Obama are trading shots almost daily in what is sure to be a preview of the general election. In an effort to derail Obama’s campaign rhetoric the McCain campaign announced a new slogan “Fear We Can Believe in”

According to McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis the “Fear We Can Believe in” slogan captures the strength of the Senators general election strategy. “The world is a scary nasty place, filled with scary nasty people. In this kind of world you need a tough grizzled person who is going to tell it to you straight. You don’t want some hopeful young charismatic leader who is going to tell you its all going to be all right. Because it isn’t. It isn’t going to be all right and John McCain knows it.”

During one of his famous all day rolling press conferences McCain stated. “This is the Straight Talk Express not the change and hope mobile.” Later Sen. John McCain addressed an event at Rice University in Houston, Texas. “People lives are ruled by fear and my aim to rule the fear that rules peoples lives.”

Republican strategists agree with the direction of McCain’s campaign. According to McCain staffers “Hope can be punctured and deflated, the want for change can be dragged down by cynicism, but fear is built to last.”